Celebrate Your Cycle

Be pampered and prepared for your Moon time! A Moon Kit designed with love by Mamas and Daughters.

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Celebrate Your Cycle with Empowering Essentials.

Embrace your moon time with our empowering kit, filled with 13 essentials to nurture your body and spirit! From soothing balms to comforting heat packs, to mindfully crafted moon journals we've got everything you need to feel prepared and pampered during your cycle.

Designed to make your transition into womanhood a beautiful and celebrated experience.

Why Choose My Moon?

  • Prepared & Pampered: Our kit features 13 lovingly selected items to support you with everything you need for your moon time.
  • Good for You & the Earth: Our kits are made with high-quality, organic ingredients, providing holistic care for your body and spirit and loving up the earth.
  • Crafted by Mamas & Daughters: Every item in the kit is crafted with love and created by mamas and daughters with daughters in mind. Each item is hand picked and handmade by small businesses and artists (mostly mamas and grandmas).
  • 1% Back: We commit to donating 1% of our profits to support girls in need. Additionally, we offer the option for you to sponsor a Moon Kit for a daughter in need.
  • Empowerment & Celebration: Celebrate your journey with rituals and tools designed to honor and nourish you during this special time.
  • Sisterhood and Support: Join a community that values reconnection, readiness, and sisterhood. Our kit is a symbol of empowerment and support for young women everywhere and all the daughters to come.

Experience the magic and medicine of your moon cycle with the My Moon Kit Starter Pack. Empower and celebrate this beautiful transition with our thoughtfully and lovingly curated kits.